Dealing with Life’s Setbacks: 3 Ways I Overcome Personal and Professional Obstacles

Personally or professionally, things don’t always go in our favor (duh!). That’s life. We all know life won’t always go our way, but it doesn’t make it any easier when some negative thing worms its way into our plans.

Here’s the thing about setbacks: Everyone has them. Setbacks are necessary in life. We can learn and grow from them, spinning them into something positive that makes way for bigger and better things. It’s the way we choose to deal with setbacks that makes the difference in how they impact our lives. And listen…I am no expert at this but I think that, to become successful in any aspect of your life, dealing with and pushing through setbacks are crucial, as much of a nuisance as they may be at the time.

I’ve had several setbacks, both in my career and personal life. My Facebook ads business is an important part of my life and I take the work I do for clients very seriously. I honestly can’t stand it when ad campaigns aren’t doing well. It totally messes with my head. But, it happens because there are a lot of factors that come together for ads to be successful. Until I find the perfect combination for each client, it’s a lot of trial-and-error to fit the puzzle together just right, and it can be frustrating if it doesn’t work as quickly as I’d like it to.

I’ve also been open about my battle with depression over the years. This is a constant struggle in my personal life that can affect every other aspect of my life. It’s been one of the most significant setbacks in my life, but I’m fortunate enough to have found some incredible ways to cope with it and continue to prove that I’m stronger than my depression.

Learning to Cope With and Power Through Setbacks

Although no tough situation warrants the same regimen to get through it, there are a few things I do to overcome setbacks that have consistently helped me move past each obstacle in my own way.

I’m Honest with Myself and Others

For me, one of the worst things I can do is lie to myself or other people about what I’m feeling. If a setback is stressing me to the max, I don’t push my feelings to the side and say, “It’s fine. Everything’s fine.” Nope. I deal with it all. I let myself process every single emotion that I’m feeling. I think that being honest with myself forces me to remember that my feelings about the situation are valid, even if, a week or month from now, I feel like I was overreacting or maybe just chemically off (because when I’m depressed, I don’t think I perceive things the same as when I’m not).

I also keep a consistent, open relationship with clients when ads aren’t performing as well as I’d like. I want them to know what I’m thinking and that something didn’t work and what I’d like to try next. I believe being honest helps them see how important it is to me that their ads are a success. They know I’m always working hard on their behalf. And quite honestly, I know they appreciate it. In fact, I’ve landed some clients who’ve specifically asked if I will help with the strategy, not just on the ads, but on their end of it (the emails and sales pages, etc). They WANT the input. They want to know if I have suggestions. They want honesty.

I Let Myself Grieve

When things don’t go as I’d hoped, I always give myself the space to feel a little bit “poor me”. I think this is an important step for processing what’s happened and allowing me to move on to whatever’s next. Some setbacks are much worse to deal with than others, but just like any bad thing that happens in life, it’s so important to work through it in a way that helps you.


So, I grieve a little. I wallow a little. And then I pick up the pieces and move on. Always. Once I’ve dealt with everything in my own way, I can clear my head and start again.

I Surround Myself with Amazing People

It’s so easy to let negative stuff eat at you, so surrounding yourself with positive people who can pull you out of your funk is a necessity. I sometimes consult with my spiritual guru, Veronica Drake, or friends and colleagues who I know can support me and lift me up in tough situations. I’m super lucky to have some beautiful people in my life who act as my cheerleaders and remind me of my success when I seem to be focused on a setback. And I don’t take that for granted:)

Let me know – what setbacks have been most significant in your life? How did you deal with them? Do you have people you rely on who you know will shine some positivity on your situation?


October 15, 2018

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