3 Simple Ways to Find Time to Declutter and Simplify Your Space

Having a simplified, uncluttered space is so important for our mental health. Unfortunately, the thought of squeezing time into our busy lives to declutter when it’s almost impossible to find time to relax is enough to make us want to crawl in a hole!

We are busy people. Who the heck has time to declutter?

This is a tough hurdle to get over, but some mindset shifting may help. I like breaking big tasks down into smaller ones to give me motivation to keep going – and it totally works for decluttering my home.

Here are some ways to make decluttering a more manageable task. Let’s get you one step closer to enjoying your clutter-free home!

Do a Little Every Day

Setting small goals for yourself is way better than trying to reach for the stars with huge goals that can make you feel like a failure. If you fall short, you on big goals it’s hard to recognize the progress. With smaller goals, you get to experience layer upon layer of successes that add up. This philosophy can be applied to just about every area of your life, including cleaning your home.

First, write down your biggest clutter-clearing goal. In this case, it should be something like, “I want my home free of anything I don’t use by the end of the month.”

You now have a large goal you want to reach. This is what you’ll be working toward achieving – the ultimate, clutter-free space!

Now, break that down into smaller tasks that are 100% attainable each day. For example, you can go through one or two desk drawers or kitchen cabinet each day, organizing papers and boxing up food to donate. One closet a day can also be a great way to de-clutter bedrooms, purge old clothing, etc.

Trust me – after you’ve started reaching some of your smaller goals, you won’t feel like your biggest goal is that ridiculous. And, since you’ll be doing small bits at a time, you’ll find it a heck of a lot easier to find some time to squeeze in your projects instead of dreading spending hours of your free time on a huge, time-consuming task.

Block Out Some Weekend Time

I know that cleaning and organizing are probably not on your list of things you want to do on your weekend. That’s why I suggest blocking out very specific hours and preferably for only one weekend day. This way you can still have the other full day to relax and clear your head after a busy week! For the day you’re organizing, get your head in the game and tackle the project that you think will be your biggest headache. A weekend day is less stressful because it doesn’t have the usual weekday or workday demands.

Schedule this block for a time of day that works best for you. If you’re a morning person, then set a few hours aside right after you have your coffee. You’ll feel the most productive during this time and will declutter like a pro! If you’re more of a night owl, then consider starting after you finish dinner.

The key here is to get a huge project done that will get you one big leap closer to your end goal. This project should be one that isn’t as easy to break down into your small daily tasks. Think: basement or attic decluttering, purging old kids’ toys from bedrooms, or organizing your home office and all the craziness within.

Another great thing about this weekend block is that you can get the family involved to make everything go more smoothly. Even young kids can grab a box and decide what toys in their room they’d like to donate.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

Our brains aren’t always cut out for this cleaning and organizing thing. We may start on one project, but we’ll soon find ten other projects that need to be done too. Don’t get sucked in! Those things can wait until another time. Right now, focus on the big picture: simplifying your space and decluttering.

It’s so important when doing your small daily purges and larger weekend blocks that you stay on task. You’ll probably find other things you need to clean and remember that you still have to file away all those receipts you have lying around. If it’s not something directly related to your decluttering goal, then ward it off.

Try to group your daily tasks together too. For example, finish decluttering all your kitchen drawers and cabinets before moving into the bathroom drawers and cabinets. Focus on one room at a time until that room is completely clutter-free. You’ll find that you’re much more productive when you stick to one thing at a time until it’s done. And you’ll feel much more accomplished (as you should!)

Decluttering isn’t necessarily fun, but it’s so necessary for you to keep your sanity in place! The thing is, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You’re supposed to declutter so that you can be less stressed out; the process itself shouldn’t stress you out until you reach your goal. Break it down into smaller stuff and you’ll soon have a space you’re totally in love with.

How do you declutter your space? What room is your biggest stressor when it comes to clutter? I’d love to hear from you – leave me a comment below!

April 11, 2019

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