Easy Summer Travel Handbags

Who else is guilty of looking like a hoarder when they’re digging through their massive purse just to find the business card someone gave you a week ago?

??‍♀️I know I am.  My handbag becomes the go-to place to stash, quite literally, 600 odds and ends. It isn’t usually until I’m somewhere like the chiropractor’s office and she’s looking at me like “no wonder your neck hurts!” that I think, “I’ve GOT to do something about this.”  I figure if I can go smaller, I won’t put so much in it! We’ll see how that works out. 

Anyway, this summer, there are so many adorable bags in the stores. I’m totally digging the wovens and the cross-body bags. I’ve been searching for something perfect to take on our vacation abroad. Here are just a few that I came across and LOVE:

Madewell Canvas Transport















Miller Straw Cross-Body











Striped Shoulder Bag















Palisades Woven Tote













Perry Bombe Mini Bag














Apryle Tote

















Belt Bag <<< Love this for travel!













Crocheted Tote















Pink cross-body










Whatcha think? See anything you have to have?  Share with me in a comment below!

June 20, 2019

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