Back to School Shopping Guide for Younger Kids: Favorite Finds Under $35

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It might sound crazy to some of you, but I actually don’t mind back to school shopping. For the kids, it’s kind of like a fresh start, “new year, new you” type of thing. For me, I like to know that my boys have everything they need to feel comfortable and confident to face another grade, start new classes, and make friends.

In this back to school shopping guide, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wearable essentials for kids that are totally affordable, so you can save some money and sanity this school year.

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For clothing, I ADORE the Cat & Jack line from Target!

The pricing is SO good, the quality is AMAZING, and I love the messages on some of the tees. It makes so much more sense to purchase these items when kids a) ruin their clothes often and b) grow out of them so quickly.

Some of my faves (click any picture to visit its page!):


I also love Carter’s for boys and girls sets of clothing. I always wait for a sale, but it makes it easy for me to dress my 4 year old. I know what shorts go with what shirt and I can easily grab his clothes in the morning. There’s no guessing what matches or what goes with what, and I am really appreciative of that because I feel like mornings are hectic enough! Carter’s lays it all out, I can pick the pieces I want to buy and shopping is done 30 minutes later. LOVE!

How cute are these?!

Shop More of My Favorite Kids Looks:





Backpacks are a must for school, but, boy, can they be expensive! I prefer to stick with affordable backpacks from Target and Walmart that are just as cute and trendy as some of the more expensive brands.




Shop More of My Favorite Backpacks:



Underwear and Socks

I also love Carter’s for socks and underwear because I can get them on sale, which makes them a great deal,  and they’re good quality. It’s my go-to.




Shop More of My Favorite Essentials:



What are your favorite stores and brands to buy from during the back to school shopping season? What else would you add to this back to school shopping guide? Let me know in the comments!

August 20, 2019

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