Cabin Renovation Update: New Living Area (Family Room)


Y’all…This cabin renovation is killing me…Slowly. It’s so much fun but monitoring a renovation from another state (where we have no contacts) is near impossible. I tell ya what – those North Carolinians have the right idea. They know how to work hard and rest. Pretty sure I’m doing it wrong:)

Anyway, the renovation is now framed in. We’re waiting on the back window wall because we can’t seem to get an engineer to help us to save our lives. We’ve tried. And tried. And tried. Because it’s a massive wall of windows, Bryan just needs to be sure it is structurally sound before framing it up and installing the windows.

On another note, the bear has made himself at home in our open-wide cabin. I can tell you with certainty that what they say (“does a bear sh*t in the woods”) isn’t true. They sh*t in our house ?Repeatedly.

Ok, now that I’ve got that all out of my system, let’s move on. Here’s a progress pic:

Here, they’ve torn off our sunroom and are working on dismantling the roof where the addition will go.

And in this one, they’re starting the addition. ???

When we first bought the cabin, I knew I wanted the overall vibe to be Rustic Modern. I’ve been laying out mood boards for each of the new rooms so I can ensure everything will flow. Although in my everyday life as an analytical Facebook Ads Agency owner, I’m actually HIGHLY visual and like to see things laid out.

For our living area, and running with the Rustic Modern theme, I used a mix of woods, metal, and stone along with various textures in the form of fabrics, upholstery, and rugs. The living, dining, and kitchen are essentially all in one space so it was important that they flowed.  And the space I’ve outlined below is a good majority of the addition depicted above.

While the house is our weekend getaway, we do entertain guests quite a bit here so it is important to have lots of comfy seating and places to put food and drinks.

Stay tuned for more progress updates. We also just had the roof put on (the addition and the existing house + garage) and windows (minus the back wall) are starting to be installed. Slooooowly but surely!




















January 19, 2020

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