Cabin Update: Beams and Sheetrock

My boys have Fall Break this week so we are heading up to the cabin. We are finally able to turn the power on so, although we’ll be “roughing it” with no kitchen, we WILL have power and running water. As such, we’re planning on staying at the house after 18 months of hotels while we renovate. Hallelujah!

Ok, the update. Lots of progress has been made over the last few weeks and we’ve finally rounded the corner to where we’re working on finishes.

First and foremost I want to pay homage to my beams. I won’t go into all the grueling details but I was told “no” more times than I care to remember about whether or not I could have these beams. If there’s one thing I am…It’s persistent. If my intuition says I can get something done, I will find a way (sidenote: I took a type of emotional intelligence test recently and guess what my highest score was?? Problem solver!! And I like that title SO much more than ‘pain in the ass’). So, it took many, MANY phone calls, emails, and refusals to accept “no” for an answer. I mean MANY. But I got my fecking beams ? And I’m so glad I did as they are stunning. They’re massive and absolutely beautiful.

Here’s the main living area pre-beams in case you missed it on Instagram

And here’s a video of them lifting the last beam into place.

Here are all the beams in place.

It’s hard to gauge their size from these videos but they’re big. So big that they were installed using a crane. They had to poke a hole in the roof for the crane rod to lower and lift the beams into place. It was pretty spectacular.

Once those were in place and all inspections were passed, we were able to sheetrock.

It’s coming right along. This week we are trimming out some of the electrical, and installing the hardwood floors!!

We’re trying to meet a November 1st deadline so we’ll see how that goes. It’s been tough renovating in a different state. Although we’ve done lots of renovations, we’ve never done them from afar so we’ve learned a lot (not always in a good way either ??)!

Thanks for coming along with me. We *might* try to tackle some DIY projects at the cabin this week. If we do, I’ll be sure to capture some of it on IG stories. Join me there?

September 24, 2020

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