What Our Team Is Thankful for this season!

There’s always so much to be appreciative of and grateful for, from family and friends to having a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, yet this year it was probably a bit harder to keep our fingers on the pulse of all that we’re thankful for and to remain positive while the world around us began to rapidly shift in more ways than one.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs this year.

While each of our gratitude lists could be a mile long if we really thought about it, I’d love to share with you what some of my team members and I are feeling extra thankful for this year.

Kerry – I am so, so grateful for family and friends. This year has been a beast and having the most beautiful humans surrounding me is the biggest blessing.  I’m incredibly grateful for my business. As a digital advertiser, I’ve been fortunate enough to continue working right through this crazy year.

I’m beyond thankful for my health. This year has taught me to be even more grateful for a healthy body and mind. 

I’m most thankful for the “extras” I’ve been granted during this pandemic — the extra time with my kids while they schooled from home, hours I wouldn’t have otherwise had. The extra FaceTimes I’ve had with friends and relatives who live both near and far away. The extra grace I’ve given myself and learned to give more of to others. The extra clients I’ve gained and the knowledge I’ve learned. Just very thankful for all the “extras” of 2020.

Mine would have to be making the most out of where we live. Even renting an AirBnB an hour or two from home felt like a huge luxury this year. Instead of big, expensive, week-long vacations I ended up taking a handful of small trips around Nova Scotia with my family and friends, and felt thankful for the place I call home. I discovered so many new places I would never have explored otherwise. Also, my two huskies loved tagging along for all the new hikes we found.

I’m super grateful for family & friendships this year now more than ever. Going through a lot of hardships has shown me how valuable good friends and family are. I’m soooo grateful for those around me this year who help push me as a mom, wife, business owner – all the things. I’ve really been grateful for the extra time I’ve had to spend with my son during the Covid craziness. INCREDIBLY grateful for my business & clients as well – this year has been a roller coaster but holy shit my clients are bomb! 

I’m most thankful that my husband has been able to work from home since March (and in general that we’ve both been able to continue working full-time when I know so much is shaky in the job market). I can’t imagine being pregnant in a pandemic, working from home, and not having him here… It’s been such a special time and way less lonely than it would’ve been with him out of the house during a year like this. Plus, he’ll get to be a lot more hands-on when the baby gets here which we both can’t wait for! And then there are perks like when it started raining today while I was a mile from home walking my dog and could call him to come pick us up… It’s the little things that are the big things for me this year.

Let us know what you are most thankful for this season.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving,



November 25, 2020

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