How to Cozy Up Your House for Fall

I might live in the South (AKA.. the world of NEVER-ENDING HEAT & HUMIDITY), but it doesn’t change my one true love: the fall.


I mean, come on. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cream cold brews, flannels, leaves, you name it.


Nothing better.


My favorite part of the fall, though… getting to cozy up my house for fall, full stop. There’s really nothing that feels homier, more comforting, or sweeter. So, my friend, here’s my encouragement for you: take time to cozy up your house this year for fall! I’m telling you — it makes all the difference, and it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive or, honestly, a big deal… at all.


All it needs is a little intentionality. 🙂


Need some ideas? I’m linking my favorite fall items today, but here are a few tips to take into your fall decor journey:


  • Focus on warmer colors! Add in deep, cozy colors that bring fall into your home by way of blankets, throw pillows, garlands, and easy-to-add picks wherever you can.
  • Lean into comfort, and layer in softness throughout your home. Try out layering bedding (helloooo, throw blankets), adding in lots of blankets and throw pillows, mixing textures, and creating mood lighting through ambient, cozy lighting and lamps.
  • Create comfort with the small things! Diffuse seasonal essential oils (think: cinnamon, bergamot, clove, citrus), light ALL the gourmand-y, warm candles, and keep your go-to, fall-esque playlist on repeat.


Feeling inspired yet?! Same. Here are some more faves:

September 14, 2023

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