How to Level Up Your Personal Brand

Hot take: your personal brand is JUST as important as your personal brand (um, if not more).

Wondering why? Well, it’s because your personal brand is what gets people to connect. It’s what gets people to buy in. It’s what encourages people to follow along with you, to stick by you, and to be loyal followers and purchasers of your business.

So, let me ask you: Are you prioritizing your personal brand?

If not, I promise it’s actually easier than you think. And, in fact, it’s also easy to really level it up… and to do it quickly. I’ll show you how.

How to level up your personal brand

When you’re thinking about your personal brand, remember that it is, in fact, PERSONAL. That means that your personal brand isn’t going to be like mine, and mine isn’t going to be anything like yours.

This might seem like a “duh, Kerry” — but trust me: it’s easy to get caught up in the entrepreneurial hustle and bustle and start feeling like everything needs to look a certain way. 

Remember that first, okay? 

Then, define your content themes.

Once you’ve started dialing in on that individuality, start thinking about coming up with themes and pillars for your content. These are going to be the things that you want to be known as both an expert and a friend on. 

(Need some inspo? Mine are FB ads, interior design, family, and faith.) 

If you need more ideas, here are a few to consider: 

  • Morning, afternoon, or evening routines
  • Productivity or organization tips
  • Community engagement
  • Content recommendations
  • Personal growth ideas or hacks
  • (Non-cheesy!) empowerment
  • Day in your life content
  • Self-reflection

Start focusing big time on consistency.

Personal brands are recognizable, fun to consume, and iconic in their own ways when they’re really, really consistent… so dial in on this. Focus on defining a brand identity (I’d highly recommend working with a designer on this, but you can get scrappy in Canva, too!), and then start to weave it into every level of your content. From the filters and fonts you use to the lighting of your photos, the words you speak, the video editing style you utilize, and the clothes you wear, focus on consistency! It matters.

(Use two of my clients, Jenna Kutcher and Mel Robbins, as a top-tier example for this.)

Remember that you’re allowed to change.

People don’t stay the same forever… right? (Right.) This means that your personal brand won’t either — and that’s a good thing,. A beautiful thing, in fact. So, as you create content and work on growing your personal brand, I want you to focus on doing it for the NOW. For the TODAY. For the SECOND you’re in. Your audience doesn’t want the you of 5 years ago or the you of 5 years from now, and you owe it to yourself to remember that. 

Drive home your personal brand in your ads.

It’s so, so easy to get caught up in *only* trying to sell your services and courses with ads — but you can see a lot of success when you loop in your personal brand, too. One of our favorite ways to do this is with engagement ads, and you can make it even easier by simply using things like existing Reels or Instagram Stories. 

And, there you have it — some of my favorite EASY ways to level up your personal brand! Trust me here: if you do this, you’ll see a big payoff… and I can’t wait.

May 13, 2024

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