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Ok, this bad boy is first up for Gift Guides because hopefully, you’re going to go to lots of fun holiday parties and who doesn’t want to be remembered as the cool guest who showed up with the most thoughtful hostess gift? You know, as if we’ve got it ALL together (just kidding – anyone who knows me knows that’s just funny to even say). 

So I’ve compiled a list of some of my faves. Choose the ones you love and stock your hostess gift treasure trove with the perfect token of appreciation at holiday time. Or put several together to create an extra special hostess gift! You can also use this gift guide for neighbors or teachers (although I’ve got a Teacher Gift Guide coming at ya soon).

Start by thinking about what’s special about the hosts and hostesses you’re gifting. If they’re music lovers, consider adding an iTunes gift card; if they’re moviegoers, add movie tickets. Are they working on their house – buy a Home Depot card. The holidays are for giving so have some fun with it. Remember to get a few extra to keep on hand for those last-minute invites (and maybe one or two for yourself ;). 

And if you’re really organized and ahead of the game, you can have these gifts delivered right. to. your. door. and not have to fight the Crazy. If you’re not so ahead-of-the-game (eh-hem), run by Target and pick up a beautiful gift bag or basket and put some festive dish towels and serving spoons in there. Perhaps with a beautiful dish, or not. I find I can always use things like this but it’s not exactly something I buy often for myself. 

Ok, here we go…

NEST CANDLE:  Not only do these smell wonderful (a mix of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber!),  are you kidding me? These will always make a beautiful, classic gift any time of year, but especially appreciated at the holidays. I usually stock up and keep them in my arsenal for hostess gifts throughout the year.

STEMLESS WINE GLASSES: These are so fun? And festive! I bought these for a client gift and now I think I want them for myself … And I don’t even really drink wine ??. I mean, who doesn’t love a little gold sparkle? And stemless? The only way to go — especially when wearing holiday white!  

MONOGRAM AND MARBLE BOARD: I LOVE giving gifts that most people never buy for themselves and this one is no exception. Marble and copper and monogram? Yes please! Nothing says classy and ready to entertain like this.

CARAFE + GLASSES: These two (Yup! Sold separately but I’m putting them together!) are another one of those “rarely bought for self” items. BUT…. have you ever gone to visit someone and they set out a carafe of water in your bedroom? Yea, me neither, but I’ve done it for my own guests (<< it’s true). And I love doing that because I get thirsty at night and do NOT want to go creeping around someone’s house looking for a glass of water. Whether for a guest bedroom or gracing the table of desserts at your next party, this gold-rimmed carafe and glasses make it look like you really care!

GOLD AND MARBLE PEDESTAL: I’m a fan of tiers when setting out food for a party, so this guy is #allthethings. These marble serving pedestals (with GOLD accents!) nest for storage and stack for elegant displays of whatever it is your serving.

GOLD MEASURING CUPS: That pretty much says it all…Gold. Measuring. Cups. You may be catching on … Alright, alright, so I like (LOVE) gold accent or otherwise. If your party host enjoys baking or cooking in general…She’ll love these! ?? You could even pair them with a couple dish towels and/or pot holders in a beautiful marble kitchen caddy like this one.

COFFEE + GLASS MUGS: Pikes Place Coffee from Starbucks. Say no more. AND … paired with these mugs I love. Clear glass so you can see how delicious that coffee is … straight up dark, caramel colored, or too-much-half-and-half latte colored. Which is your go-to? And don’t you just love the shape of these? Yes and yes!

SOAP + LOTION SET: I’d say “No one ever treats themselves to these” but I actually do! These gorgeous soap and lotion sets in a sleek caddy are perfect for your holiday kitchen. Stock up on these as gifts, you’ll thank me later:)

MINI MARBLE CUTTING BOARDS + MARBLE/COPPER CHEESE KNIVES: Marble and copper (tired of this combo yet? Never!). That’s why I’m pairing these. And, since the small marble cutting boards (only 8” and have feet!) come in sets of two, why not get two sets of the cheese knives and–Voila!–2 full hostess gifts. See what I did there?

ANTHRO HOLIDAY DISHTOWEL: So, so, so, so cute … and embroidered! I mean, really, what hostess wouldn’t go Ga-Ga over this one? I love that it’s not over-the-top holiday but that the teeny holiday trees still hint that Santa is coming.

WINE BAG: O.M.G. Santa is coming! … And … he’s bringing wine! Is there a cuter way to bring two bottles? I don’t think so! And for those creative gift givers, you could really use it to present other gifts – tapered candle sets, rolled holiday dishtowels (hint … see above), etc. But, sure if you stick with the wine, most everyone would be happy. Santa pants are adorable. They just are.

PLUSH THROW: You can totally feel this one, can’t you? I mean I’m warm and cozy just thinking about it. This is really an awesome gift for a hostess (and probably her whole family!) It’s so soft I can hear the sofa calling me … I mean, her. She’ll love it. And get one for you too.

KATE SPADE PARTY PLANNING BOOK: More awesome gold accents in this baby. The party is already more hip than one mapped out on a ripped out piece of notepaper. This one tells your favorite hostess not only did you have a great time, but you can’t wait until she does it again. (Only give to hostesses you love!)

NAPKIN RINGS + NAPKINS: Have you ever? Gold-plated brass? I’m in love. These napkin rings are an elegant accent for people who love to entertain and pay attention to the details. They come in sets of 2 for intimate dining or get multiples (to hint you’d love a place at the table … like literally!) Pair these with Holiday Red Napkins for an even more festive gift.

ACRYLIC TRAYS: These simple, stackable trays come in all sizes for so many options of how they can use them. Serving, office, under that cool nightstand carafe of water (see above!). A hostess gift with not only good form but function. Pretty cool.

AGATE COASTERS: These are really more like art … but they can go under a glass, too! These gorgeous agate coasters are for the hostess who loves and appreciates beautiful things. I like to buy a bunch of these sets because they’re great gifts for any time of year, too.

I hope this is helpful and do share with me what you put together on Facebook. I’d love to see!


 This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I take that very seriously:) 

December 1, 2017

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