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In my book, teachers are superheroes so I’m always trying to come up with gifts for our teachers  that they might not have received 100 times already. Teachers are so important. They put up with so much and deserve the very best. If you happen to know a little bit about your teacher(s), you can customize their gift just for them. Doing so doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s super thoughtful ??????. To give you an example, one year, one of our teachers told me that she’d just purchased a house and was working on decorating. She casually mentioned her powder room and the colors she was using, so I bought her a little basket filled with items for her powder bathroom (and a gift receipt of course). She was very appreciative and it felt good to give her something she could really use.

TAPERS & CANDLE HOLDERS: I LOVE putting these two together! And it’s still inexpensive (Thanks World Market!). White tapers paired with stylish gold dipped taper holders??? Yes, please!

MUG: Have a lot of teachers on your list? Grab a bunch of these mugs and fill them with candy or gift cards. They’re a great way to knock out a bunch of gifts at one time – and they’re adorable!

WINE CADDY: I just love Mark and Graham – how ‘bout this wine caddy? Grab the cheese board and let’s have a glass. If your teacher likes wine, this is a great, inexpensive gift and the presentation couldn’t be better

CATCHALL: Monogrammed or not, this catchall is not only good looking but versatile enough to be used at school or at home. And it’s a great size too. It can be used to catch jewelry, paper clips, keys…All the things.

PB SLIPPERS: Who doesn’t want furry slippers in Winter? And these look as great as they feel. They’re cushy and warm and gorgeous- Your gal teachers will love them!

S’WELL BOTTLE: Is your teacher a coffee or tea lover (who isn’t)? This life saver will keep coffee warm (or cold things cold) so your favorite teacher will be ready for the day all. day. long. Teakwood and insulated for a sleek look guy and gal teachers will love. #butfirstcoffee

TILE APP: I bought these little guys for us last Christmas (some people, eh-hem, Bryan, use it a lot more than others). If you’re prone to losing your keys, you will love this! And we know teachers already have a lot on their minds! All they do is simply hook this Bluetooth tracker to their key ring and download the app to their phone (it’s free and no subscription). When they lose their keys, they just open the app and it locates them by sounding a little alarm so they can be found super easily. It’s AWESOME! Probably one item you’ll want to buy by the dozen!

NATIVE UNION: This little guy is so handy. A portable charger with 2 different charging cables, you’re all hooked up should you find yourself in an (uncharged) bind – great for the long days teachers put in! It’s a little pricey but so worth it and they will remember you for thinking of something so functional!

DRYBAR: I am a huge fan of Drybar. If you have a teacher who is in to beauty, this gift set for big hair will surely delight. If you aren’t familiar with their products, they are luxurious, they work and they smell SO GOOD!

VOLUSPA: These candles! Have you experienced one? I received a Voluspa candle as a gift from a client earlier this year and it. Is. awesome. They are so, SO pretty and smell WON-DER-FUL. Definitely a winner so buy in bulk!

GIFT CARD – LOCAL SPA: Most anyone can find something to do at a spa. Whether it be a skin treatment, body treatment, a pedicure or even a nice massage with their significant other, a spa gift card is sure to be appreciated. The range of services makes any denomination useful and appreciated!

GIFT CARD – RESTAURANT: Give ‘em a night off! They can grab take-out or enjoy a peaceful dinner without the mess. A restaurant gift card is always a good idea. Buy a bunch from a local favorite or a variety so you can personalize to your teacher.

Ooh, 1 more idea for ya! One year I bought all the teachers a 3-wick candle from Bath and Body. I love their candles and they often run specials on them (buy 3, get 3 or 40% off) AND they’ll allow a promo code, so they turn out to be around $10 – $11 each. I burn these year round, so I’m always looking for the sale and I stock up when I see it. Rest assured, they’ll have a deal for the holidays.

Alright, sweet friends, it’s your turn – go get those teachers something awesome:) 



December 8, 2017

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