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Got a teen on your list? I have a 15 year old boy and his gifts always require a little more (ok, A LOT more) thought and creativity because they can add up quick and it’s not like you can buy them toys anymore. Teens can be tough to buy for because they have such unique interests. However…Challenge accepted! I like a good gift giving challenge, so here you go!

NORTH FACE BACKPACK: My son has 1 of their backpacks and he loves it. (His is the Kabig style and although he really loves it, it’s almost too big in my opinion. But we all know that with a teen, my opinion doesn’t mean much). One of the things I love most about their packs is that the straps are made to really make it easier to carry by dispersing weight properly. Your teen won’t break their back carrying around all those books. The North Face backpacks are super high quality, easy to clean and with very clever features.

STRIPED DUFFLE: How sweet is this duffle bag? Black, white and gold with gold tassels? Come on. Am I too old for this? If I had a girl ??, I imagine sleepovers or dance practice or any practice…This is so stinkin’ cute. It has an exterior pocket, carrying handles and a shoulder strap. If your girl is into this type of thing, she’ll love this bag.

BOOTIE: You know how I feel about booties, m’kay? I did a whole blog post on different kinds of booties that I love this season. But these would be great for a teen girl. They’re comfy and easy to clean and they go with everything. LOVE!

TIMBERLAND SNEAKERS: My boys are hard on their shoes. I bought these Timberland sneakers for my 15 year old in August. They are AWESOME and look barely worn. That’s a hard thing to do in this house. And he wears them every day. They’re stylish, comfortable and amazing quality.

UGG BEANIE: This is so cute and is sure to keep your sweet girl warm as it’s Ugg. It’s inexpensive and super cute. She’ll love it!

NORTH FACE BEANIE: I’m a sucker for a good beanie. I wear them all winter when we’re in the mountains and this is a good one.

LUMEE LIGHT UP CASE – PINK: Pretty colors AND good lighting – who doesn’t want that for their phone? Your teen will love this case. As the second generation of the Lumee case, this version has lights on the front AND back. Helloooo Selfies!

LUMEE LIGHT UP CASE – BLACK: Same deal but less…pink:)

SNITCH CLOCK: We totally drank the Harry Potter Kool-aid in this house. I love this golden snitch-shaped clock, complete with snitch wings and a latched cover for the face of the clock. Let the Quidditch games begin!

APPLE AIRPODS: Wireless earbuds/headphones from Apple. Need I say more? Well, ok, in case you’ve been living under a rock … and let’s face it, most of us moms kinda are ? … so …  compact, instantly turn on and connect to an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple Watch. They play in your ears and pause when you take them out. Headphones and a microphone all in one. No tangles, no frayed cords…I feel like this is a big EASY button, no? And they come in a nifty charging case.

NINTENDO SWITCH SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY EDITION: Home video gaming systems never get old, at least not when they’re from Nintendo and not when you’re a teen. Here’s their latest single and multi-player version that also “switches” to a portable system for on-the-go play with all the feel and power of an at-home console! And no matter how old they’re getting, they still love Mario! I remember staying up all night during a sleepover with my best friend in high school and we played the whole game all the way through. Princess Peach – we got you, Boo.

iPHONE CHARGER STICKER FACES: Solve the age-old family pastime game “who took my charger?!” with these hysterically cute sticker sets. These reusable vinyl labels are custom-designed to fit the accessories of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. 4 character die-cut labels for an adapter, cord, and earphones. So now they only have to fight over which character they get! #winning

STRANGER THINGS T-SHIRT (JUNIORS’) – WHITE: Nothing strange about this sweet tee for her. If she’s a fan, she’ll love it!

MEN’S STRANGER THINGS T-SHIRT: Same thing…If he loves the show, he’ll love the tee:) I bought my guys one.

COZY JERSEY ONESIE: You know you want one but this one’s for her. This one-piece pajama set is the cat’s pajamas! Ok, I know … but really, it is so warm, so comfortable … and fleece!! And you can even have it monogrammed. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up with some popcorn and a movie for a sleepover in one of these hoodie onesies? I do! I do!

FUR CRITTER PLUSH ONESIE: Cuteness overload alert! For chilly nights in magical wonderlands or just on the couch with her friends and favorite sleepover movie, this fleece onesie has a bit of a mane and yes, that’s right, a unicorn horn because … well, why not? She’ll love it (and so will her friends!)

NATIVE UNION 10FT. KNOT CHARGING CABLE: So stinkin’ cute! And genius! This super-long charging cord has a weighted knot to keep the plug handy and from flopping off the surface where your teen wants it. Works with Apple lightning connection. Your teen will love it (I have one from LAST Christmas – that wins me some kind of award, no?)

GRAY LEOPARD BEAN BAG, SLIP: Got a beanbag that could use a little makeover? I mean gray leopard? Fluffy, comfy, cozy….What else do you need to know? She’ll think it’s the perfect seating to melt into for tv, movies, gaming, or just hanging out.

FUR MEDIA CHAIR: IT HAS speakers! And, yup – it’s cozy too! He’ll love kicking back in this sweet ride with a control panel and adapter compatible with MP3/CD/DVD Players, PSP, iPod, and iPads and Windows 7 and Windows XP for desktop and there even are jacks to link multiple chairs together.

POLAROID POP INSTANT DIGITAL CAMERA: A hipper version of the original (80 years later!) Same inkless instant printing that really lets them capture the moment (in seconds!) because sometimes they actually want a photo that’s not on a screen. Say whaaaat?? Prints 3.5” x 4.25” photos.

ISKN THE SLATE 2+ TABLET FOR DIGITIZING NOTES: Use any pen (with the removable ring) and any paper for digital power right at your fingertips. This awesome high-tech gadget if for pen and paper lovers who want all the possibilities and tech of digital. The artsy teens and computer geek kids in your life will love to create on this. And you’ll have fun playing, too!

DO HARD THINGS: A TEENAGE REBELLION AGAINST LOW EXPECTATIONS: A book? Yep. Good, old-fashioned, page-turning, feel it in your hands book. And this one’s written by teens for teens. It’s about a generation on the brink of “rebelution”– that is, rebelling against the low expectations of today’s culture by choosing to do “hard things” for the glory of God. What says holiday times better than inspiring our teens to greatness. Grab an extra copy or two while you’re at it for all the teens in your life that you care about.

Hope that helps!



December 11, 2017

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