Kerry Loves Podcasts! My Favorite Podcast Picks for Life and Business

Here’s a little secret about me: I love a good podcast! I wanted to give you my top five favorite podcasts to listen to.

I’m almost always in my car during the day and listening to a good podcast that’s uplifting, inspirational, and insightful has become one of my favorite things to do while I’m taxiing people around. 

I listen mostly to positive thinking podcasts that blend life with business. Some are more business-oriented than others, but they still give me ideas that I can use as to make both my personal and professional lives run just a little smoother.

These are my top picks for the best podcasts to listen to, whether you want to improve your life, business, or both!

The Next Right Thing Podcast

Ok, I have to admit…This is my all-time favorite podcast. This podcast by Emily P. Freeman is so incredibly powerful, it has had me in tears (often!). Technically, the podcast is about decision making (because we ALL have 7452 decisions to make daily) but for me, it’s more than that. The Next Right Thing is like having a little, inspirational angel (complete with a voice like a lullaby) with me in my car – offering grace, providing wisdom, spiritual guidance, and prayer. One of my favorite things about this podcast (you know, aside from EVERYTHING) is that it is short, usually just 10 minutes(ish).

For me, The Next Right Thing feels like oxygen – it’s life-giving and has the power to completely change my day (and my life if truth be told). Yes, it’s THAT good. Go listen to it!

RISE Podcast 

I’m sure by now, you’ve had to’ve heard of the book, Girl, Wash Your Face. It’s written by none other than the incredible Rachel Hollis, the same lovely lady who created the RISE Podcast. In my opinion, this is one of the best podcasts for self-improvement and building a business. 

In each episode, Rachel covers helpful life advice, actionable tips for business owners, and interviews with successful people living out their dreams. Rachel has this way of motivating people to be the best version of themselves in everything they do. When she is on a rant, you better believe I’m listening. It’s good stuff,  she’s magic and a wonderful storyteller. 

Goal Digger

Goal Digger is by my good friend, Jenna Kutcher. Jenna and I began working online together three years ago and she has since become one of my favorite people. Naturally, her podcast is just as amazing as she is.

Jenna is all about empowering women and small business owners to take hold of their dreams and work to make those babies come true. Jenna talks about building a business,  creating a successful product or company launch, and regularly speaks with people who’ve achieved business successes. She also incorporates tons of beautiful life advice into her podcasts and isn’t afraid to talk about her failures along the way.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience is one by Gary Vaynerchuk, an author, advocate, and incredible business guy. I have to tell you…The first time I listened to Gary, I thought, “oh Hell no.  This guy is not for me.” Way too in-my-face. BUT, very quickly I heard THE MESSAGE in his words and the delivery actually became something I look forward to. He’s another one…If he’s talking, I’m listening. I had a chance to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak in Atlanta with Tony Robbins a couple years ago. Tony Robbins came on stage and said, “I love coming on stage right after Gary Vee because he makes me look like a choir boy.” And if you’ve heard Tony speak, you likely know, he’s no choir boy ??So, if that tells you anything about Gary’s language…Well, it’s not for young children. But I’d let my older boys listen to him all. day. long. Gary blends life and business into this unique podcast, talking about everything from wine to time management. This truly is an “experience,” offering a fun mix of life and business with a whole lot of TRUTH mixed in. 

Perpetual Traffic









The Perpetual Traffic podcast comes from DigitalMarketer and is one I rely on to stay up-to-date on all things traffic-related for my blogs, businesses, and clients. The podcast delves into both blogging and social media and offers the latest tips, tricks, and insights for creatic solid traffic funnels that can help you increase engagement, conversions, sales, and more. Since I own a Facebook ads management business, this podcast is invaluable for me!


There it is: My list of the best podcasts to listen to for life and business stuff. Were any of these new to you? Now it’s your turn: What are your favorite podcasts and why do you love them so much? Leave me a comment below!

July 11, 2019

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