Budget Makeover Series: Designing a Kid-Friendly, Affordable Playroom

Designing a Kid Friendly Affordable Playroom_Kerry Loves

If you’ve been keeping up with my Budget Makeover Series, you’ve learned some new tricks for updating your home without spending wads of cash. This post is all about playroom ideas on a budget. I know, I know – the dreaded playroom. Endless toys and a whole lot of clutter. Where to start?

The organization, one of my fave words in the English language. Creating a toddler toy room that’s functional and clutter-free is every mom’s dream, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get it right.


Starting with a few low-cost organization options is the way to take your playroom from chaotic to cool and collected and make it feel like a whole new space without doing a bunch of anything major. These simple playroom ideas will give the kids’ area a refresher without making your wallet sad.

Affordable Options

Clever Storage 

Since organizing can transform a playroom, bringing in some inexpensive storage options is one of the easiest, most affordable options for your kids’ area. When thinking playroom ideas on a budget, go for stuff that makes the biggest impact for the least money, like a storage chest or better yet, one that can serve as a bench for guests AND storage. A simple Ikea cubby shelf can produce a tremendous amount of storage in small spaces and you can customize the look by buying different printed or colored bins. 

This way you can throw things in and not worry too much about organizing every little piece (because the truth is…It’s not going to stay that way for very long so why drive yourself crazy organizing it over and over again). 

Quick Refreshers

Paint and a throw rug can always brighten up a room, and I’m a fan of decorating Kid Spaces with items that don’t scream “KID.” There are plenty of pieces available that, with a little creativity, can serve as kid-friendly but still mesh nicely with the rest of the house.  For example, I love this rug – it’s fun, vibrant and just neutral enough that you can finish the space with some fun pillows and artwork.  I also love this rug and think it would be awesome for older kids or for a playroom that is open to the rest of the house. 


My recommendation for paint is to keep it simple but DO spend the extra money to get a high-quality paint. Here’s why: Walls get dirty, particularly in a kids area and there is no wiping down cheap paint. Cheap paint just scrubs right off as opposed to a high-quality paint that you can easily wipe down and have look new. Obviously, it will depend on the size of the space but for one room or area, you shouldn’t have to spend a whole lot more to get higher quality paint. I really like Sherwin Williams Duration line (or even their Pro Mar 400) or a decent Benjamin Moore (love their Aura line but most of their paints are high quality). As a bonus, the application of these paints is easier and go a little further.


If you don’t have an entire room to devote to the kids, consider how you could incorporate a play area into an office, a basement space or some other corner of the house. Where you put it will help determine what kind of furnishings to buy. Will it be visible to everyone or can it be tucked away? Come up with a dedicated space and look around on Pinterest or on Instagram for inspiration. There are plenty of play areas within other spaces that are functional and beautiful. like these from none other than the amazing Joanna Gaines (via Fixer Upper)


Look for pieces that can be repainted or refinished from second-hand stores or even just people in your neighborhood (our neighborhood has a Facebook group and people are always posting pictures of kid items that they’re happy to give away if someone will simply pick it up). I love a little table for them to sit and do art projects or eat while I’m doing other things. This little table is adorable and inexpensive (includes chairs!):

Finishing Touches

To me, what can really make a budget makeover come together are the accessories. My favorite place to look for unique, inexpensive pillows, throw blankets, artwork, baskets, and other little storage containers is Homegoods. Because they receive shipments regularly, sometimes it might take a few trips to find the pieces that will pull your space together so don’t put the pressure on yourself to find everything in one visit. AND, this will help you to spread out the expense as well:)

So, let’s put this all together!



Your playroom can be one of the easiest and affordable rooms to upgrade and if you’re anything like me, it feels sooooooo good to have it organized. What creative things have you seen incorporated into a playroom? Leave a comment and let me know!

July 30, 2019

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