How you can structure your workdays for the new year

Now that we’re heading straight into a new year (and not quite sure what that holds yet), I think it’s so important to circle back to how you organize your workday and schedule to benefit YOU, your family, and your clients.

At the beginning of 2020, I *knew* a schedule was incredibly important but I didn’t know it would be THIS important. On the days where we feel like just laying in bed all day, it’s so nice to feel structured and organized so I can make my schedule work for me. If you’re a business owner feeling overwhelmed, I’d love to share some of my top tips for structuring your workdays and schedule so they benefit you.

Set up a calendar for everything!

Keeping both a master calendar and a separate planner for work has been a lifesaver for me. I love my DayDesigner to keep track of all important dates like birthdays, appointments, meetings, and after-school activities for the whole family so that nothing gets left out and I can see what I need to plan around.

Define Your Work Schedule

Being a business owner is supposed to bring more freedom but with that freedom comes a huge sense of responsibility. It takes a little bit (ok, ALOT) of balance to keep your business from bleeding into your family time. Schedule TRUE “office hours” and try to stick to them.

Define Your Work Space

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated home office to be successful with your home-based business, but it certainly helps me. Even having something like a partition to separate you from visual and audible distractions can help. If you absolutely can’t separate your space at home, you might consider working for a few hours at the library, a café, or co-working space to have some distraction-free moments of productivity.

Be Flexible

Disappointment is always around the corner if you can’t let go, breathe, and realize that not everything will work as you want it to. Things WILL pop up. Your clients may have last-minute requests. It happens. It’s life. Try to go with it. And when you’ve had a tough day, give yourself some time.

Pro Tip!

One of my favorite co-workers gave me a tip not too long ago and it has really stuck with me (especially this year). She said that whenever you have a day where you felt like you weren’t motivated or all Hell broke loose or WHATEVER; you didn’t get anything done…Make a quick list of the 3 things you’ll accomplish tomorrow. That way you’ve a) accomplished something as you close out your day and b) you’re set up for the following day. Since implementing this, it has totally changed how I end those unproductive days. I absolutely LOVE this advice (thanks to my girlfriend Kylie Lowe!)

What are your best tips for setting yourself up for a successful workday?

December 22, 2020

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