3 Things I Do Before I Begin a Workday

With the start of a new year underway, I always feel like it’s a fresh start. Although things look different this year I have still made sure to take the time to reassess and re-evaluate my routines and assess whether there are things I want to add, change, or improve. I wouldn’t necessarily call this my morning routine but there are some non-negotiables that I make sure I get in before I sit down at my desk to work.

Open Up and Read my Bible App

Before my feet ever touch the ground in the morning, the first thing I do when I open my eyes is reach for and open up my bible app. It truly helps me start my day the way I want – with the word of God – instead of starting it with Instagram!

Brew my favorite cup of coffee

As I’m sure most of you can relate, it’s a rare occasion when I don’t start my morning with a cup of coffee. It’s a morning ritual that I enjoy so much, the whole process from making it to drinking it. Bryan bought me a Nespresso for my birthday last year and I am insanely addicted to it. Frothy cream, yes, please. I drink my coffee (which I only drink decaf) with Stevia and Vanilla Nutpods. Yum!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite coffee combination is?

Make My Bed

I make my bed every day. There are occasional days when I make my bed at 4:00 in the afternoon but 99.9% of days, I make my bed every morning. It helps me feel put together (even if I’m in sweats) – a mini sense of accomplishment, not to mention I love to crawl into a freshly made bed at the end of the day. I am the type of person who needs a clean slate to do just about everything. I’m not comfortable working in a cluttered space. I clean my kitchen pretty much every night so I don’t have to wake up to a mess. I almost can’t fold the laundry on an unmade bed <<< that type of person (is that super annoying?).

One of my best friends is the polar opposite of me and we’ve discussed our differences here. I would ask her, “how can you operate with all this stuff around you?” And I’ll never forget her face as she looked around and said, “oh my gosh, I didn’t even notice.” And she truly hadn’t. I LOVE that we are wired so differently. I love that she made me understand that it’s not that she is operating in a mess…It’s that she’s wired in such a way that she doesn’t even notice.

Anyway, making the bed is something I’m consistent with. In fact, I’m such the bed-maker that I’ve heard Bryan tell people that if that bed isn’t made, the wheels are likely falling off. And he’s right!

So there you have it! The 3 non-negotiable things I do every morning before I start my work day. Do you have a set morning routine or things that you just have to do each day, let me know below.

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January 14, 2021

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