15 Pendant Lights You Need in Your Space

Lighting can be hard, y’all! It’s expensive and it’s tricky to get right, right?! But, it is an important aspect of a space. In fact, I’m pretty much convinced that the right lighting can completely and totally transform a ton of aspects around a room, from the mood to the style to the, well… lighting. And I love it.

One of my favorite ways to light a room, though? Pendant lights. I love ’em.

How to pick the right pendant light

For lighting, a general rule of thumb for calculating size is:

Room Length (in feet) + Room Width (in feet) = Fixture Width (in inches).

If you’re hanging pendants above a kitchen island, Studio McGee has measurement guidance here.

Now, having said that, a lot of the time, I will go quite a bit bigger than this. However, the above formula will give you a minimum size (don’t go smaller!). One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with all lighting is picking something too small for the space, so definitely keep that in mind.

Plus, personal preference will dictate what type of pendant light. Always choose the one YOU love!

Gorgeous Pendant Lights to Hang in Your Space (click on an image to shop)

January 12, 2022

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