Loft Reveal

As we were finalizing the blueprints for our cabin, it became clear that there would be a space perfect for a loft above one of the new bedrooms. In true Kerry-style, this then became not only a loft but 2 bunk rooms and a full bathroom (Bryan loves me and my ideas!)


I knew I wanted this area to be kid central. I planned for the boys to have desks up there, a couch, a TV, and, of course, a bunch of bunk beds. The loft has these massive windows so there is a ton of light and we added a modern cable railing. The windows look out onto the mountain and a rock wall – it’s dreamy.

The theme for our cabin is rustic modern. Because it is wide open to the rest of the house, I needed it to be put together as you can see the loft from the main living space. Additionally, I wanted to find ways to make it feel cozy, which can sometimes be a challenge with so much open space.

Our daybed is part of a collaboration between West Elm and Marriott. I think it’s gorgeous – masculine and modern but the wood gives it a rustic feel…Fit our vibe perfectly.

The bunk rooms house 5 twin beds (more on the bunk rooms later). The mustard-colored chairs convert to beds. Combined with the daybed, we have room to sleep 9 visitors in this loft in 3 separate areas. It has come in handy for the holidays!

It’s just such a good reminder that a little creativity goes a loooong way, right?! I’d love to hear if you’ve done any loft or kid zones in your home! We’re obsessed with ours.



February 8, 2022

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