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Look… sometimes (a lot of the time, honestly) I cannot justify spending 4 or 5 figures on home decor. It’s so fun to endlessly scroll and save all the inspo on Pinterest and IG, but when it actually comes down to it, some items might not be fully worth it. Some of the most expensive items are trendy, so I might love the look at first, but will I always?

Of course, it depends on what the item is, how long I anticipate keeping it, whether my kids or animals will destroy it… All factors, but the truth is, while I have some special pieces that I’ll keep for a long time, I like to change things up quite often. Whether it’s dining room chairs, lamps, anything seasonal, or more!

So, I’m always looking for looks I love for a little bit less. This way I can choose whether I want to save or splurge. ⁠I had so much fun gathering these items of looks I love, for way less!

For example, these chairs are nearly identical. Would you assume you can save an easy $100?

Or, how about saving more than $5K on a grey couch with a similar look?

Or how about this modern light? I love this. Can you even tell that one is way more affordable than the other?


I love indoor plants, but please don’t trust me to water one and keep it alive, mkay? Take my word and get the look of live plants, whether or not you want to splurge or not!



This stylish piece is the perfect coffee table. Neutral, unique, and just the right size. One option is also a third of the price of the other!

These chairs were too good not to include. It’s currently unavailable on Amazon but you know they’ll be back! Add it to your wishlist for future design inspo and save on bundles.

Lighting is such a great way to update a space. Both of these options are similar but vastly different in price tags. I like the silhouette and look of both of these options, so it’s a great starting point to compare!


Or how about this green accent chair? Accent chairs (or chairs in general) can be $$$, so it’s nice to find the same vibe but for way less.

My best advice is to do your research! Read through the reviews (bonus points for reviews with pictures!) to ensure you’re getting more than what you pay for.


Check out aaaall the options here:



October 19, 2023

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