Amazon Fashion Finds

I have been finding the CUTEST clothing on Amazon lately. I love that they have upped their fashion game (helps the wallet too!). It used to be so hit or miss but latelllllly…well, it’s been good. Real good. ⁠Lots of dupes and basics.

Shop some recent finds below!

Extra details:

  • The boho black dress is darling on!
  • The cropped vest is very cropped… if that is your thing. It’s so cute.
  • The long, light coat is more structured so I feel put together, almost like a coat but it’s more sweater-y. I love this piece for fall and winter.
  • The shoes are so cute and comfortable. I have them in a couple of different colors. They’re very similar to my Rothy’s but a lot less expensive.
  • The fitted tank fits super well, a great everyday staple and layering piece. I miiiight have this in 4 colors 😆 And I’ll wear it under my sweaters all winter.
  • The plain white shirt is darling. I’m a sucker for a puff sleeve and this one stands up so nice. I have white but thinking about getting it in a different color. It washes well too!
  • My favvvvorite black leggings… I wear them all. the. time. Inexpensive, holds their stretch and feel buttery smooth.
  • The black skirt! I bought this for a photo shoot recently. It’s so flattering, love the length. I hope I can find somewhere else to wear it! Who wants me to come to their wedding?

November 10, 2023

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