2023: Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some unique gifts for the holiday season? Gift-giving is literally a love language of mine and I love gathering ideas based on who that special person is in your life. I’ve put together some unique ideas for the Entrepreneur, the Teacher, and of course, your family!

For the Entrepreneur! I pulled together some things that have made my life easier in the last few months. I have been LOVING walking on the treadmill while working in the mornings, so I think it’d be a perfect gift for tho.

The notebook, stickies and pens would make a great, inexpensive gift for clients or colleagues. And they’re great for branded photo shoots too. Merry, merry!! ⁠


I’m so grateful for our teachers, there truly are no words. We have been so blessed with the most amazing teachers for all of my boys, and with my oldest being 21, we’ve had a LOT of teachers ⁠over the years. I try to find gifts they can actually use or that will bring them joy and I find bundling a few things together makes a great gift. These would also be lovely gifts for the hostess, or a neighbor as a thoughtful something!

Lastly, how about presents for your family? As my boys are older, playing games as a family has become a great way ⁠for us to spend time together in a way that we all enjoy. ⁠

⁠Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman is the holiday version of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Super easy to learn and fun for adults and kids alike. Great stocking stuffer (or get it for Thanksgiving fun!).⁠

Outfoxed is probably for younger kids but my big kids have played it with us as well. It’s a team effort, which I love and changes the playing vibe from competition to working together. You essentially are solving a mystery with clues. Love this one!⁠

Left Right Center is suuuper easy to learn and is fun for the whole family. Even smaller kids could play this one (I’d say 4 or 5 and up). This one leaves everyone hooting and hollering – lots of fun!⁠

Mexican Train is something we play all. the. time. I guarantee it will be out this Thanksgiving. It’s a family favorite, especially at the cabin. The game is longer but can be made shorter. We absolutely love this one.⁠

Five Crowns is one I just bought. It’s a rummy-style card game. When I was growing up, the adults all played cards constantly so this is nostalgic and fun for me! Easy to learn.⁠

Would You Rather is a book that we bring out at the dinner table (typically after eating because some are gross 🤮). I love the dialogue and hearing my kids’ choices of “what they’d rather”⁠

Spoons is a race to get four of a kind and it’s soooo fun. A twist on the classic spoons game. Easy to learn and fun for all!⁠

Cover Your Assets is fast-paced and competitive, which the boys love. I’d say the youngest age on this one would be 6-7. Each game is a little longer (20-40 minutes) but it truly is a fun one!⁠

Check out all of these super fun games below!

There you have it! Tell me what kind of gift guides have you been looking out for this year? I know we could all use some inspiration!

November 16, 2023

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