Bags I’m Currently Crushing On

Secret spilling time: One of my biggest weaknesses is a good bag. I’m talking handbags for women than are practical, functional, and gorgeous. I love them, especially when they’re ones that you can take with you from work to home and they’re still just as sensible.

So, I put together a list of some of my favorite bags – work, play, gym (I love ‘em all!) – for you to find your perfect handbag to meet your needs as a busy business mama.

Work Bags

Whether you’re going on an extended trip or just need to tote your laptop around with you for the day, work handbags for women need to be super functional without feeling clunky or looking drab. That’s why I absolutely adore these two options, which are big enough to hold all the essentials without looking like you’re lugging a bulky suitcase around.


Commuter Laptop Bag

Everyday Bags

Many of my favorite handbags brands make incredible everyday bags that you can take from work to the store. Personally, I love bags that not only have plenty of organizing crevices and pockets inside, but they also have personality on the outside. These are ones I could totally see myself using every day (and, seriously, check out that gym bag! You’ll be THE most stylish woman getting her workout on!).

Royce Tote

Paint Stripe

Faux leather tote

Ella Patent Tote

Sweaty Betty gym bag

Going Out Bags

Clutches have this way of being both essential for stashing your stuff when you’re going out and also an accessory to play up an outfit. I love these two clutches because they have everything you need for storage, but they’re also so fun for accessorizing!

Tasia clutch

Wristlet Wallet

I love these handbags for women that have style and personality, but also help you bring all your goodies with you wherever you’re going. What are your favorite bag styles and brands? Give me alllll your faves in a comment below!



February 23, 2019

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