Planning My Laundry Room Renovation (+ a Sneak Peek)

When I get a wild hair, I go for it! And that’s what happened with my laundry room. Having already redone all my kids’ bedrooms, my office, my dining room…I was itching for a new project but not ready for anything huge. In this post I’m walking you through my laundry room renovation and a sneek peek of the final product.

I had a vision for my laundry room so I did what I do best – started planning. Truth be told, when we set out looking for houses (almost) 3 years ago, one of my non-negotiables was a large laundry room. In our old house, the laundry room was tiny and it just wasn’t working for me. However, when we found our current house, the ONLY thing it was missing was a large laundry room. I’d even venture to say that our current laundry room is SMALLER than the one in our old house ?. Pretty sure a man built this laundry room. Our house does have a large mudroom, a basement, and big, big closets so the large laundry was truly the only thing missing. Ok, enough of my whining. I decided if I was going to have a matchbox laundry room, I’d make it dang pretty.

The first thing I did was measure the room and take stock of all the things I was currently storing in our laundry room. I do this so that when I go to draw cabinetry, I know I have a place for everything. This is something you should do for bathrooms and kitchens too (of fine, and all rooms).

Here is a picture of the laundry room when we bought the house:












It was light green with tan tile. The washer and dryer were positioned such that they took up the entire wall but also it was very difficult to utilize the cabinets above. I could reach the first shelf but not much else. So, although it had beautiful, solid, talllllll cabinets…Most of the space inside was useless without a step ladder.

Our laundry room is upstairs and I knew I wanted to add a sink to the room so the question just became how to plan out the space.

Here’s a peek at my drawing. You can tell how many people have had their hands on it as it’s a little beat up ?Sorry about that!

































In order to fit the sink and maximize the space, I decided to stack my washer and dryer. I added the sink, faucet, clothes hanging rod, and all the cabinets surrounding for storage. I also added a very narrow, tall cabinet on the wall facing the washer and dryer (Wall B in the drawing). The tall cabinet would have open shelves at the bottom for laundry baskets as well as a tall, cabinet to house my upstairs vacuum.

I knew I wanted to keep the theme fairly neutral with a pop of color and decided on some white and grey tile from Floor & Decor.









This set the tone for the room and everything else followed. It’s been a fun project and we’re just about finished (waiting on the last few pieces of tile).

Here’s a sneak peek from before we grouted the tile:














That’s all for this post. Stay tuned for the final reveal!!

Do you have any small spaces in your house that you wish were optimized for storage? Tell me about them in the comments below. Let’s commiserate!

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September 26, 2019

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