Rest, Recoup, Revive: 3 Things I Do For Myself Every Quarter

Day to day life can sometimes feel like it’s moving by at an extremely fast pace and it can be so easy to get sucked into that ongoing momentum to the point where you are just going through the motions to get through the days. As I get older, I make a point to slow down and take the time each quarter to do a few key things that help me rest, recoup, and revive myself. And let’s be honest when I’m feeling rested and at peace, it also means my family is rested and at peace. In today’s post, I’m walking through the 3 quarterly rituals I do for myself no matter what.

The WORD (word ?)

My goodness do I feel different when I get in my bible or prayer journal daily. It is SO important for me, particularly in this crazy time, to be equipped with the word of God. And it washes over me a feeling of peace like nothing else can. I try and read my bible or open my bible app before I start each workday. If you missed my post on where I talk about this in more detail make sure to take a read here.



Although it has been a lot more difficult to make this happen over this past year, we typically take some sort of trip each quarter. This could be as simple as a weekend getaway or a longer trip out of the country. In the past, we have traveled to places like the Bahamas (check out my post recap on this trip here), all over Europe, Florida, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest and it’s been so great for our family when we spend that quality time together. It’s truly good for my soul. I can FEEL myself become lighter physically/spiritually/mentally/emotionally when I get out of the day to day  We’re getting ready to take the boys back to Orlando for some Harry Potter time and I cannot wait!



Sometimes this and travel are combined but I’m kinda over the words self-care in lieu of something deeper. Whether I’m getting a massage or a facial or even my nails done, I try to fully immerse myself in the experience. Give my mind a rest from the craziness and truly feel peace or relaxation or fun. It’s super important for my well-being. Somehow over the years, I can get high-strung (it’s weird, I never used to be this way) so it’s imperative that I intentionally partake in experiences that de-escalate my anxiety.
I highly suggest it. Next time you are able to indulge in some of these experiences, stop and try to be completely present and in the moment and tune out everything else – it’s magical.


What are some things you make sure to take time for during the year? Let me know in the comments below.

January 28, 2021

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