3 Quick Ways to Stay Healthy in 2021

Always be an advocate for your health. And when I say “always,” I MEAN ALWAYS. We know this right, ladies? So, why is it so easy to slip back into crazy-town?  Given the insanity of the last 10 months, taking care of ourselves could be THE most important thing to prioritize right now. Today I want to give you three quick ways we can commit together to stay healthy in 2021.

Here are my 3 quick ways to stay healthy!

  1. Get Second Opinions 

    Visit different professionals with different modalities or practice areas for your health. I have found this to be particularly helpful as I navigate my own wellness. I’m not committed to one person’s advice. Give me allllll the information and let me pray about it and check in with my own body to see what makes sense for ME!

  2. Move Your Body 

    Find a way to move that you enjoy. I LOVE to Jazzercise. Like, love it. If you can find a way to move that you enjoy, prioritizing this becomes so much easier (and enjoyable!). And, as we all know, moving the bod has so many benefits, duh.

  3. Listen to Your Body, Mind, and Spirit 

    Get in tune with your body. Pay close attention to what foods make your stomach hurt or make you feel sluggish. I suggest keeping a log in your phone of foods/dates if they have caused a certain reaction in your body so you can eliminate what causes you discomfort. This is a great way to love yourself, be kind to your body without a restrictive diet.What else is your body telling you? Are you feeling down? Happy? Energetic? This may seem obvious but a lot of times I forget to check in with mySELF. I just go about the days and if I’m lucky, I remember to pay attention before something starts breaking down. Meditation via prayer has really helped me to have some focused time with ME and that has done wonders to boost my spirit, help me to focus on gratitude and the things that truly matter. I highly recommend it but if nothing else, when you’re sitting in your car or when you have just a minute before the oven timer rings…Take a breath and check-in with yourself. How are you doing?


Let me know below some ways you are taking care of yourself this year and some of your quick ways to stay healthy. And if you want to read more about how I fit some me-time into my day, make sure to check out this post here!

February 11, 2021

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