My Top Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!

I’ve always been a huge advocate for self-care and for prioritizing my skincare routine. My mama taught me as a young pre-teen to take good care of my skin. She encouraged my sister and me to always wash our makeup off before bed and to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize (who’s old enough to remember Noxema?). Anyway, the idea of taking good care of my skin has amped up even more over this past year as we’ve turned to more at-home treatments. Here are some of my top anti-aging secrets that you can incorporate into your skincare routines.

As someone who used to get a facial every month (pre-pandemic) I have spent a lot more time investing in my skincare and really trying to incorporate products that are actually going to help my skin and fight aging.

Starting things off as my top secret is a product I have been using since I was a teenager! It’s my one product I truly cannot live without.


Olay Age-Defying Replenishing Night Cream

I’ve been using it nightly for 26 years! I swear by it. It’s not too heavy, feels like a dream and keeps my skin hydrated without being oily. It’s a perfect formulation in my opinion; I wear it all year round. Many moons ago I worked in a high-end salon and there was a guy who worked there who told me that all his Greek aunts and grandmothers SWEAR by smattering on a healthy coat of moisturizer morning and night. I have to say…I concur!

Revision skincare

Next up, Revision Skincare. This brand is mainly used by industry professionals so you know it’s proven.

I use the C Complex, which helps the skin’s natural products of Vitamin C & E and leaves you with the most beautiful glow. The DEJ cream and the Revox eye cream, which is a miracle worker at reducing the appearance of expression lines.

I will admit they’re not cheap but I have noticed SIGNIFICANT gains in my overall skin health since using them. I started using them a little more than a year ago when I needed to bring my monthly facial in house and as someone that has tried soooooo many things, these products are keepers. I honestly love them.


Regular facials

While I mentioned I would get facials once a month pre-pandemic, I still needed to include them as one of my top secrets because I believe these play a HUGE part in keeping my skin in good shape. I am slooooowly getting back into a regular facial routine and I’m thrilled about it.

My absolute favorite is an oxygen facial. My aesthetician, Azita at Spa Sydell (if you’re local to Atlanta) is a WEALTH of knowledge and she’s taught me so much about anti-aging. I highly recommend the oxygen facial (pro tip: ask for gift cards for your birthday or Christmas to your spa to help with the cost!).

There you have it! My top 3 anti-aging secrets revealed. If you didn’t have to a chance to check out my post on my top beauty products, make sure to read through it HERE!


March 25, 2021

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