10 Affordable Bath Vanities I Love

Did you know bathroom vanities don’t have to break the bank? It’s true! There are plenty of options that are more affordable and still absolutely gorgeous for transforming a space.
When shopping for vanities, be sure to consider what size you need. If it sits next to a toilet, keep in mind that there are often code requirements on the space you’ll need on each side of the toilet. For sizing, I like to consider how much storage I’ll need or can get within my size constraints. I’m often trying to get as much storage as I can but there are instances when storage isn’t as important (i.e., you have a large linen closet or it’s a powder bath).
Also think about what style will match the vibe of your bathroom? Does the vanity need to be finished on all sides? Will it be freestanding or sit against a wall on 1 or 2 or 3 sides? Consider all of these details when selecting a vanity.
You’ll need to consider whether you need a vanity top (countertop) included, too. If the countertop is included, how many holes are pre-drilled for the faucet? You’ll want to ensure you purchase a faucet with the correct number of holes.
Then think about where your plumbing is located. If your plumbing is coming up from the floor, you want to consider this if your vanity is open on the bottom (because then you’ll see it!).
Now, let’s get into a few of my all-time favorite and more affordable bathroom vanities!

May 29, 2021

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